Evening all,

It’s great to see the club open and seeing people!!!

It’s also nice to see you all out on your various watercraft, BUT we have recently been sent some familiarisation from the MOD (ministry of defence) regarding the restrictions around Shoeburyness…

Could you all take a short while to read through the following and familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations in the specified area.


MOD Shoeburyness – Public Safety Information: Prohibited Beaches and Foreshore


With summer approaching, it’s time to remind local watersports clubs of the existence of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) live firing Range in Shoeburyness and of the local beaches and foreshore areas that are owned by the MOD and as such, are prohibited for any type of public access or use.


To assist you in understanding where the prohibited areas are and what restrictions apply, we have produced the attached leaflet and have dedicated pages on our website that include maps and descriptions. Visit MOD Prohibited Beaches & Safety Information for Mariners


The stretch of foreshore known as ‘Old Ranges’ runs from the eastern boundary fence at Shoeburyness East Beach, around the coast to the western boundary fence at the Ness Road slipway (adjacent to the HM Coastguard Station and known locally as “Uncle Tom’s”). The area extends from the beach to approximately 3km out to sea. This stretch of foreshore, mudflats and sea is NOT open to the public, for any purpose, at any time. The only exception to this is when the Outer Sea Area is open during daylight hours when the Range is not active (e.g. Red Flags lowered) and the tide is in.


To further assist members of the public with their understanding of prohibited areas, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has installed marker buoys at Shoeburyness East Beach and at the Ness Road slipway.


  • At East Beach, watersports users and other visitors are NOT permitted to remain seaside of the buoy line which marks the area licensed for public use.
  • At the Ness Road slipway (Uncle Tom’s), watersports users and other visitors are NOT permitted to access the beach and/or sea area to the east (left) of the fence and buoy line which demarcates the Range Sea Danger Area. CCTV is operating in this area.


Anyone trespassing on these beaches and in the Range Sea Danger Area is doing so in direct contravention of the local MOD Range and Land Byelaws, an offence which can result in prosecution, a fine of up to £500 and confiscation of property.


Most importantly, members of the public are prohibited from occupying these areas for their safety because:


·       they carry an inherent risk of Unexploded Ordnance associated with their historic use by the military and;

·       they are still part of the Range Danger Area and can be used for operations.


These prohibited areas are bordered by fences and warning signs that make clear the prohibited status and the potential hazards.


We hope that you find this information useful as it is for your safety.


Staying Safe Near the RSDA 2021


For and on behalf of the GBC committee.

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